Cell Phone Discounts

Northern Indiana ESC facilitates several Cellular Phone Service Cooperatives for member schools. Current providers include:

Centennial Wireless (Purchasing Cooperative)

Verizon Wireless (Purchasing Cooperative)

Sprint / Nextel (Negotiated Discount)


NIESC files for e-rate discounts on behalf of member schools participating in Purchasing Cooperative related plans.

In addition to the discounts available to member schools, staff are also eligible for discounts up to 18% on personal phones and service. (Discounts vary by vendor, equipment, and level of service).

Due to increased interest in the Apple iPhone, we are in discussions with AT&T Wireless to develop a purchasing cooperative. Additional information will be forthcoming as we progress.


For more information about NIESC Cellular Phone Service Cooperatives
and related discounts, contact Les Turner at NIESC.