K12Indiana/Spendbride Online Purchasing

The INDIANA DEPARTMENT of ADMINISTRATION & the CIESC bring you K-12Indiana! (Powered by Spendbridge)

What school today isn't looking for ways to run leaner and more efficiently? K12Indiana is the right tool to help make it happen. K12Indiana is a partnership between the state of Indiana and Educational Service Centers (ESC) that gives every K-12 public school the purchasing advantage of statewide-negotiated contracts, organized into convenient online catalogs, all on one easy-to-use website. Get more contracts to choose from and more savings. It's easy, efficient and cost effective purchasing at its best.

If you already have an account to K12Indiana click this link to login: K12Indiana.com (Powered by Spendbridge)

To receive more information on this great product or to see how to sign-up your corporation, contact Lisa Abell at NIESC: labell@niesc.k12.in.us