PPE Cooperative Purchasing

NIESC is working cooperatively with various vendors and our partner ESC's around the state of Indiana to provide our members with viable products and services to combat COVID-19 and to keep students safe.

This area of our website is under construction, so be sure to check back periodically to view new information.  As we grow this list, links will be provided displaying products and pricing. 

We currently have three suppliers for PPE related items and disinfectant, safe for use in schools.

Covalent Clean is our current preferred vendor for disinfectant and liquid hand sanitizer.  Additional information can be found by visiting their website.  Covalent Clean.  For pricing and other information, contact our representative via email, Don Siler

Our office also is stocking a supply of disposable masks, availalbe for members to purchase by contact us. 

We also are working with a supplier for face shields, masks, gloves, etc. Please reach out to Lisa Abell for more information on these items, pricing, and vendor information.